In case you had any lingering doubts about mainstream media's role in the 2016 U.S. election cycle

The well-documented Bernie-fueled maelstrom that took place last night at Nevada's Democratic convention should be headline news this morning. Long story short, on Saturday night there was so much outrage at the DNC leadership ignoring calls for a recount that the leaders had to literally flee the building and leave the sheriffs department in their wake. This video sums it up:

You would think this story is big enough to be picked up by the mainstream media. Luckily the event was live-streamed and Tweeted by enraged Bernie supporters and it did get some attention at the edges. As of now - early Sunday afternoon, the day after last night's meltdown - complete coverage of the actual events can be found at a site I had never heard of before, RealClearPolitics.com, which is also currently featuring the story on their homepage. Heavy.com is also carrying the story and it is their top story featured front and center on their homepage as well.

Whether you believe there was actual voter suppression that took place last night at Nevada's Democratic convention or not, you have to admit that the fact that this crazy event took place is somewhat significant. But as far as mainstream news media is concerned, it is simply crickets... I checked the homepages of NBC News, ABC News, Google News, and Yahoo News and found nothing. CNN is currently running a story that is halfway down their homepage, but when you click into the article page you find a large video above the actual text of the Nevada story that is all about how Bernie's mathematical chances to win the national primary election are very slim. What this video has to do with the actual story beneath it about the fracas at the Nevada convention last night, I have no idea. It is a very deceptive and biased presentation of the facts.

And because some people love to claim that Buzzfeed and Vice News are not mainstream news, I also checked them as well. Again, nothing. Vice News and Buzzfeed are both oligarch-funded, venture capitalized behemoths. In other words, they are mainstream news outlets.

I've taken the liberty of screen-capturing each website's homepage for posterity, in case there are any lingering doubts in the future about the integrity of coverage (or lack thereof). Or in case people try to tell us that we are just spewing conspiracy nonsense when we point out that mainstream media has literally ignored voter suppression this election cycle.

I am currently in the process of building out LevelNews.org because I firmly believe that there is an urgent need for decentralized media discovery tools. The decentralized, independent news coverage that is already happening across the web can address the problems of censorship and pay-to-play media monoculture, but only if people can find it in the first place.

The Evidence

Click to enlarge any of the screenshots.

Vice News... crickets. It wasn't in their "2016 Election" section either:

Vice News Twitter... nothing again! I screen capped their Twitter feed in case someone says, "oh there was nobody working on Sunday to cover it". Their social media is very active with other stories right now, but none about this. Look at those scary terrorists though:
[UPDATE] As of Monday, May 16 at 10am Pacific time, there is still no coverage of the Nevada convention in the Vice News website or Twitter feed.[UPDATE] One week later, we look back and see that there were a grand total of two stories on Vice News about the Nevada convention, both heavily slanted towards emphasizing the "violence" of Bernie supporters rather than the actual injustice that was displayed as a result of the voter suppression. As the news outlets that really covered this story pointed out, there was only one isolated incident of physical violence that night. Reading either of the two Vice News articles about the convention, you'd think a riot had broken out: "Chaos in Nevada Doesn't Bode Well for Clinton-Sanders Fight at National Convention" and "Nevada's Democratic Party Is Accusing Bernie Sanders' Staff and Supporters of Inciting Violence". I'll also point out that despite only running TWO slanted stories about the entire Nevada incident, Vice News was able to run a total of NINE(!) articles about Donald Trump during the same time period, May 16-22.

Buzzfeed... crickets:
[UPDATE] As of Monday, May 16 at 10am Pacific time, there is still no coverage of the Nevada convention on the Buzzfeed website (neither the homepage nor the "News" section).

CNN... This is a doozy. The headline is: "Clinton edges Sanders in chaotic Nevada convention". Which is immediately followed by a large video that has nothing to do with the Nevada story. The video is an "explainer" about how it is mathematically nearly "impossible" for Bernie to still win. The actual story about the Nevada convention is in text and has been pushed beneath this video. It is somewhat perfunctory.

Google News... They actually have a story about Nevada election conventions -- the relatively uneventful Republican convention! No DNC/Bernie news here:

NBC News... Nothing! But look at those American kids that left the country to join ISIS! Maybe they felt disenfranchised:

Yahoo News... Again, nothing! But they really want you to know that someone did a Donald Trump skit on Saturday Night Live and Kylie Jenner is trending. Super important stuff, guys!:

Good job, everybody! This is the new norm: it is up to RT.com's comedian Lee Camp to tell us the truth:

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